Travelling To History

I love visiting museums and I particularly enjoy travelling to foreign places to experience their history and how it differs from ours.

This site is called Kardjali Museum after the stunning historical place in Bulgaria, (there are variations on its spelling which can also be seen as Kardjhali). This is where this site will start; with a brief introduction to this magnificent piece of history. This beautiful, regional history museum is in a breath-taking stately building and upon looking at it, you automatically get drawn into its exciting and mysterious past.

The Kardjali Museum is in Bulgaria in a stately building that was built early in the 20th century. During the period of 1934-1947 it was used for military purposes before becoming a secondary school and then part of Plovdiv University. It became a museum in 1980 and in 2005, by order of the Ministry of Culture, it was declared a nationally important architectural landmark.

My Love of Museums

I remember the first museum I ever visited, it was an ancient castle that had long been converted into a museum, but it maintained all of the décor and furniture, just as it was in age old times. I can still remember, as if it was yesterday, the musty smell as I entered through the large wooden doors and into the stoned hallway. It felt cold, colourless and very, very old. To the right was a gift shop and on the left was a set of concrete steps that led to upper floors.

But the one thing I will never forget was a sight that took my breath away…

In a huge glass cabinet that towered high above everybody was the biggest gorilla I had ever seen. It was a magnificent specimen and it had the power to stop anyone in their tracks to gape in awe at something that had once walked this earth. It appeared to be growling, its mouth slightly open, long sharp teeth sparkling and eyes wide with anger and menace, it would draw fear in the bravest of people and I was sure janitors and security guards would pass the creature very quickly on dark, eerie nights.

Another wonder of this museum was an ant farm, again in a large glass cabinet so you could see all of the tunnels and nests and the ants busy at work. I was always a bit nervous looking upon their glass cage because, although it is amazing to see so many insects in one area, the fact that there was only a single sheet of glass separating them from the rest of the world was, to me, a disaster waiting to happen.

A Hard Reality

There will always be so many things intriguing about history and the unknown of what it was really like so many years ago, without the everyday comforts that we have come to rely upon. In that fleeting second as you walk through a museum, you feel like it is a time capsule and with all of its many artefacts, makes you strive to be transported into that time and truly experience it. Although you would soon realise the harsh realities that are so different from today and that same urge would bring you running straight back to the present!


Wherever you visit in the world, there is usually a museum or a place of historic wonder that you can see; it is definitely worth taking the time to visit them and truly taking a step back in time.

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